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Cam: That just shows you in this game that anything can happen. ” Rashida: He’s calling you a bitch but he loves you. Devin in the confessional like “This is why I love Rashida. They’re gonna have to drive in a car together, which is honestly genius. Relationships will be broken during this challenge. Adam can’t even buckle his seatbelt so he's gonna be great at this. Mikala: I’m a terrible driver but I’m also really aggressive and I make everyone throw up in the car. Tori’s eyeing Morgan and he’s like “stop looking at me like that I’m not a piece of meat.” Tori's like, "Yes you are." Wow look at MTV, really challenging gender stereotypes over here. It’s really hard for me to recap Cam and Mikala’s conversation rn because Cam is more articulate to the camera than he is to his own girlfriend. Why couldn’t you just tell her…what you just told the camera… Cam: We should be able to talk to each other and we’re not. Uh where the fuck these mature 25-year-old dudes at?? Devin: Wouldn’t it be so funny if we fucked right now?